BFI media conference

Okay so, yesterday (12/11/2014) my fellow media students and i visited London to attend a media seminar at the BFI to give us an in site on how to make our media course work better and what sort of things we should include on our blogs, and in our final opening sequence piece.

After lunch, and after all the excitement as i spotted Pixie Lott grabbing a coffee in Starbucks, we were introduced to our guest star of the conference, who was indeed Dexter Fletcher.


Dexter Fletcher was born January 31st 1966, in North London where he started his career as an actor, and now has been in multiple films and TV shows including the amazing Bugsy Malone, Stardust, Kick-Ass, Hotel Babylon,Misfits and the most well known, Press Gang. Here is Dexter in one of his first films, the classic Bugsy Malone;

I think Dexter Being there, and explaining to us how he got to where he is today was really interesting,and engaging. However, he told us about how he directs films and that his first film ‘Wild Bill’ was a low budget film that was inspired by western films as you can see by the titles here;

wild bill

The film ‘Wild Bill’ was a narrative by Fletcher based on his personal life, and how he was thrown into adulthood from an early age because he was a child actor that had a lot of responsibilities. Fletcher told us what skills you need to learn in order to create a successful film with virtually no money. The first point he made to us was “THE ACTOR”. It has become clear, that without a known actor in a film, the less companies tat will fund you, and then the lower ratings you receive at the box office. The established actor in ‘Wild Bill’ was Will Poulter whom started his career in ‘Son of Rambow’.


We also got to see a clip from another of Dexter’s films which was ‘Sunshine on Leith(2013)’ which is based on stage show by the same name. The film is sort of like a comical musical with added drama as it is about two soldiers returning from Afghanistan. Dexter told us that he liked the contrast between the two genres of the films and that in order to make a good film you have to communicate with the audience. In this film he did this through the singing, as the characters actually sang in ‘Sunshine on Leith’ before they even spoke.

Overall the BFI conference was an amazing experience..not because we had a day out in London, but because we got a chance as pupil to learn what we needed to do to wow our examiners and reach our full potential as media students.


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