Film Ident

A Film Ident is a short clip of moving images or video sequence used before films to identify who the film distributor is. However the Ident is not strictly for films, it is also used on every television channel to identify which one you are watching throughout the duration of the ad breaks etc.

After doing some research and watching a some what significant amount of idents, i picked my favorite which is the classic ‘PIXAR’ ident that brings me back to my childhood when watching monsters inc.

I love this ident, as it is not minutes long, it does not have some over dramatic music playing in the back ground like you do with the ‘Lionsgate’ ident, it is just simple and entertaining!

After a lot of thought, and searching the internet, i came across multiple websites that allow you to make your own logo, which you could then potentially turn into an ident. The best one i came across without all the annoying adverts was a website named ‘Graphic Springs’ that allows you to pick from thousands of different templates in various categories t create your logo.

I picked the ‘Entertainment & The Arts’ section as it as the only category that seemed relevant to what i was looking for. Here are some of the things it offers;


I trialed a few of them, but nothing struck me and made me want it as an ident,however i had another issue on my hands…WHAT WAS I GOING TO CALL MY FILM IDENT?

Still after writing down various different ident name ideas, I still was not taking to any of them so I decided to do what any teenage girl would do…I asked my Mum, as there is no other person who’s opinion matters more(unless its stupid of course) and she instantly just came out with ‘Eye Dent Pictures’ which i thought was fantastic, and as we spoke about it more, we said that I should draw an eye, with a dent kind of like a sparkle, and then, to add something to like it back to me, to eye’s colour should be blue.

As i am now in a group, the final Ident our group are going to use is ‘VGI media’. The background is dark with a fire effect running through it to reflect on our theme of our opening sequence which is a psychological-thriller, that is quite a dark style genre. The Ident was created Adobe After Effects CS6, and ‘VGI’ stands for Viv, George and Isaac, and even through i am a new edition to the group we are going to leave it as we think it is quite catchy and snappy.



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