Interrogation Scene

This is the scene of our opening sequence that is based on the interrogation scene of the opening sequence in the film ‘Lockout’. We love this film as it sort of follows our story line, and if we had the time, money and equipment, we would make a whole film just like it.

To start with, we had to get a few props in order to have any sort of realism within the scene. Before leaving school to go to queensgate carpark, we gathered multiple items from the site team (THANK YOU SITE TEAM)

Our first and second items were some parcel tape and a piece of pipe, these were used to put over Viv’s mouth to be used as a weapon.


The third item we got was a massive plank of wood to also be used as a weapon to hit Viv with to cause less damage to his body then the pipe. (Nicely modeled by Isaac there)


The fourth and also the biggest item we borrowed from the site team was an old red chair which was used by Isaac to tie Viv to it, just like the scene from Lockout. I also brought with me from home a piece of rope which was used to tie Vivs hands together behind the chair. (George actually doing something productive)


The last prop we borrowed is the tripod from the media department in order to get some good smooth shots without having lots of movement from where we do not have steady hands etc.


 We then started filming with Isaac and Viv as the actors and myself and George as the camera crew. We devised what shots we would do before we filmed a section to make sure we got everything done for this scene and saved the battery on the camera.

In order to capture the impact of the wood hitting Viv, we broke pieces of the wood off, and then stuck them back on with the parcel tape so that when it hit Viv, pieces would fly off to make it look as though it was done with a lot of force.

What went well;

  • We managed to get all the shots we needed effectively in a short amount of time
  • We made the shots look realistic
  • Working as a team to get it done

What could of been improved;

  • The time of day we did it as the background is light. (however this can be changed during the editing process)
  • Put up a sign to make sure that people understand we are filming for our media coursework, as someone reported us to the police for keeping someone tied up and then we had a visit paid to us by the police…

Risk Assessment for the Interrogation Scene

Hazard Who may be affected How to prevent Risk Assessment
·         Breaking the Wood ·         Passing members of the public

·         Actors and camera crew

·         Breaking the wood away from anyone’s eyes and faces

·         Picking up the remaining pieces of wood to make sure no one stands on them etc.

·         Medium
·         Using the steel pipe ·         Members of the public

·         Actors and camera crew

·         Making sure the pipe does not get into the wrong hands by hiding the pipe in a bag when not being used for filming. ·         High
·         Weather conditions ·         Actors and camera crew ·         Making sure that we all have appropriate clothing on for the weather that day. ·         Medium
·         Vehicles ·         Actors and camera crew ·         Be aware of our surroundings.

·         Move out of the way of any incoming vehicles.

·         High

Filming Equipment

Nikon D3200 Camera



To film our opening sequence we are using this amazing piece of technology which has Expeed 3 processing engine, 24.2 million pixel sensor and Full HD Video for all your film making needs. This camera is light weight and easy to use by even myself that is alien to any sort of expensive technology. The Nikon D3200 allows you to take high quality images and videos with its high resolution.

SLR Camera Tripod


In order to film some of the shots in our opening sequence, we used an SLR Camera Tripod. This allowed us to get shots with a still camera in order to show a differentiation between the running scenes and how they are fast paced and shakey compared to the scenes of George in the lift.

Start of filming

So after practicing filming some ideas at school, and completing a risk assessment we were finally ready to start filming. Our first location was the Multi-story car park in peterborough where our extra’s were waiting and ready to film.

The first scene we filmed was George coming from the top floor, walking down the stairs, and then calling the lift. Here is that shot;

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.15.27

Risk Assessment for the start of filming

Hazard Who may be affected How to prevent Risk Assessment
·         Getting hurt by either falling down the stairs or tripping up the stairs ·         Actors and camera crew ·         Make sure to place feet fully on each step and to use the hand rail provided. ·         High
·         Getting stuck in the lift ·         Actors and camera crew ·         Making sure that no one goes in the lift on their own.

·         Everyone has a mobile phone on them so they can call for help should it happen.

·         Medium
·         Weather conditions ·         Actors and camera crew ·         Making sure that we all have appropriate clothing on for the weather that day. ·         Medium
·         Vehicles ·         Actors and camera crew ·         Be aware of our surroundings.

·         Move out of the way of any incoming vehicles.

·         High
·         Falling or hurting yourself while climbing in the car park ·         Actors ·         Be aware that the construction is stable before getting on it.

·         Footwear with grips.

·         High

Rushes tryout

In lesson, we have been working on some ideas and put them to the camera to test whether our ideas would work and be successful.

To start with, we worked on the idea of the punch that would be used to introduce the titles in the opening sequence. This was done on my iphone 6 and we used the slow motion effect to capture the impact of the hit.

here it is;

This sequence was edited together through final cut pro on the mac books at school. As a group we chose the videos we wanted to be in the rush sequence and then used different effects to set the scene and make it believable.

What went well;

  • we were able to do a shot that showed the surroundings which is what we are wanting to do to show viv kidnapped
  • slow motion shots that would work with the titles coming just like the opening sequence of ‘LockOut’
  • work as a team to put the rushes we filmed together in a creative way

To improve;

  • use a better camera
  • take the sound out and add it in post production
  • use more techniques e.g. 180 degree rule or match on action


As I am now working in a group, we have decided on our final idea.
It is a psyco-thriller with Viv playing the main character.

Our opening sequence is based on the opening sequence of ‘Lockout’ a film released in 2012, directed by James Mather and Stephen Saint Leger.

Here it is;

We were inspired by this opening sequence, as the interrogation if perfect for our idea of a abduction, and the way in which the titles are embedded into every punch to the face is a clever way to add them in discretely.

A break down of our story line;

Scene 1:

  • George has come from meeting Viv on the top floor of the queensgate car park for his drugs
  • He gets in the lift,his eyes blurry because he is tripping
  • He is seen on the lift CCTV
  • Exits the lift

Scene 2:

  • George goes to exit the car park
  • Three Black characters find him,one is on the phone
  • “He’s here”…Who is he on the phone to?
  • Meanwhile we see Isaac in the office on his computer
  • We see the surroundings
  • He is watching CCTV footage of George
  • George turns and runs
  • They chase after him up several flights of stairs
  • One manages to catch up with him in the actual car park area

Scene 3:

  • Back to chasing
  • Van pulls up and Isaac gets out
  • He beats one of the boys and pulls out a gun on the rest
  • They flee in fear
  • George is put in the van

Scene 4:

  • Interrogation of Viv

Here is a storyboard to break down some of the scenes for our opening sequence, we used a 3×3 grid to make the story board, and we did this for free on This website allows you to use little people figures and back grounds to create your story. However as it was a free site, you could only do so much without paying, so as we needed more boxes (which we were not allowed) we had to create 3×3 board and then a 3×1 board,to then just continue them one after the other.Here they are;


So today in our media lesson, we were allowed to go out and start practicing filming some shots and testing out different angles and affects to then use in our final piece.

On my iPhone 6, we shot several different takes of sequences in slow motion. The videos were punches to the face and to show the impact we made some of them close ups to focus on the hand reaching the face, then the face rippling to show the force and hardness of the punch.



We also tried some high angle shots where we recorded a practice for one of our scenes in our opening sequence. By standing on a table,we were able to see clearly that the victim was tied to a chair and blind folded.

The high angle allows us to capture the full body and some of the surroundings to help the audience determine what sort of situation the victim is in. Also the high angle shot represents that the villeins are higher in power than the victim,showing the audience how helpless the victim truly is.

Foley Sound

This is a technique used by most directors and movie producers all around the world to make the sound of the film 100% better.

I was first introduced to foley sound by dexter fletcher at a film seminar held to help us students that are looking to create a good opening sequence, an edge and skill over others. He explained that it is added in sound to a sequence that microphones do not always pick up on when filming. This can mean the difference between a clear sound affect of a pin dropping to make the video more realistic.

Here is a foley artist called Caoimhe Doyle that was nominated for an Emmy award for her work, demonstrating how she makes the sound affects and how important they actually are to a film ;

I find this video so helpful explaining what foley is, and actually understand how much it is used in films…from lips kissings, to the sound of a bone breaking.