Interrogation Scene

This is the scene of our opening sequence that is based on the interrogation scene of the opening sequence in the film ‘Lockout’. We love this film as it sort of follows our story line, and if we had the time, money and equipment, we would make a whole film just like it.

To start with, we had to get a few props in order to have any sort of realism within the scene. Before leaving school to go to queensgate carpark, we gathered multiple items from the site team (THANK YOU SITE TEAM)

Our first and second items were some parcel tape and a piece of pipe, these were used to put over Viv’s mouth to be used as a weapon.


The third item we got was a massive plank of wood to also be used as a weapon to hit Viv with to cause less damage to his body then the pipe. (Nicely modeled by Isaac there)


The fourth and also the biggest item we borrowed from the site team was an old red chair which was used by Isaac to tie Viv to it, just like the scene from Lockout. I also brought with me from home a piece of rope which was used to tie Vivs hands together behind the chair. (George actually doing something productive)


The last prop we borrowed is the tripod from the media department in order to get some good smooth shots without having lots of movement from where we do not have steady hands etc.


 We then started filming with Isaac and Viv as the actors and myself and George as the camera crew. We devised what shots we would do before we filmed a section to make sure we got everything done for this scene and saved the battery on the camera.

In order to capture the impact of the wood hitting Viv, we broke pieces of the wood off, and then stuck them back on with the parcel tape so that when it hit Viv, pieces would fly off to make it look as though it was done with a lot of force.

What went well;

  • We managed to get all the shots we needed effectively in a short amount of time
  • We made the shots look realistic
  • Working as a team to get it done

What could of been improved;

  • The time of day we did it as the background is light. (however this can be changed during the editing process)
  • Put up a sign to make sure that people understand we are filming for our media coursework, as someone reported us to the police for keeping someone tied up and then we had a visit paid to us by the police…

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