New Film Ident

My group and I decided that we should update our Ident. This is due to it coming out as an image when we try to export it and add it into our opening sequence.

So for the new film Ident we decided to make it as a gif on Adobe Flash CS6. We chose a simple design with the ‘VGI Media’ logo in the middle that fades in. The Ident is only 3 seconds long, but less is more and it looks professional.

Here is is;

I personally like our new film Ident as it is simple and does not have lots going on in it, allowing the audience to see clearly who the distributors of the film are.



Tripod Improvisation

We still had a few things to film,and on the day that we decided to film, unfortunately there were no tripods available for us to use from the media department, so while in the office, someone came up with the great idea of using a wheelie chair.

Just like this one;

office chair

By Viv sitting on the wheelie chair and then placing the camera flat on the desk, we were able to create a panning shot that stayed at one level all without a tripod.


Filming in front of a window or lift is hard, as you can see the filmers shadows and reflections. When filming George walking into the lift, it is hard to disguise the movements of the camera man.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.15.41 Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.15.44

Here you can see the reflection of Viv in the lift, which even when blurred and edited is still visible. So we have decided we will put a title on there to distract the audience and attempt to hide it.

Editing Update

Due to us being very busy and using all our lesson time to edit together our opening sequence, we have been slacking on the blogging front. So as an update i can inform that we have filmed most of the clips for the opening sequence, and with the ones we do have we have edited together. We have also been watching tutorials on how to do motion tracking and then incorporating them into our piece in final cut pro.

y1 y3

These videos were really helpful and helped us learn how to position our titles effectively in our media opening sequence.

Filters and editing

As some of the footage was filmed during the day, the scenes are quite light so we added a filter to the whole of the opening sequence footage and then colour matched them to make them look the same.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.29.31

The filter we used was called ‘Luma Keyer’ and it looks really effective.

We also added an effect to the scene when george is in the lift to make it look like he had been taking drugs and that they had kicked in making him ‘trip out’.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.27.45

This is called distort and the type of distortion used was called ‘FourCorner’.

I like the way that the effect moves with the camera, making it look like George is looking around and his vision is blurred.

Start of Editing

We have filmed most of our shots now, so we decided we would not waste time and started editing together what we have so far. The shot below shows us adding in transitions in order to help our opening sequence flow.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 08.46.39

This shot was not done at first, but when we pieced together the what we had, we realized that they did not flow properly, so we had to go back to our location with a list of different transitions and shots that we knew would fit in certain places.

 Our next problem was colour matching. Some of our rushes were darker than others, so we had to use the colour match function on final cut pro on this specific shot.

colour match

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 08.43.35

Using this tool enabled us to have a flowing piece of work that looks like it is filmed all at the same time in the same lighting. This helped to learn that we can have a little more lenience when it comes to filming, and not everything has to be perfect as we can use the resources we have to improve our work.