The Final version of our opening sequence…BLACKOUT

Here is the final version of our opening sequence called ‘BLACKOUT’…Hope you enjoy!



Adding Titles

We have been using plain titles on final cut pro to just put over the top of our opening sequence footage to combine the titles with the opening sequence.


We positioned them on the walls and on the lifts to make them look asif they should be there, almost like graffiti or writing on the wall.

Then we had to decided on the final title for our opening sequence to show the name of our opening sequence ‘BLACKOUT’. We flicked through the different titles available on final cut pro when we came across the ‘KnockOut’ filter and it fit perfectly with our theme.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.09.52

Rough Cut of the final ‘BLACKOUT’ opening sequence

Here is a rough cut of our final piece;

The reason this piece of film is the rough cut, is because it does not have any backing music to set the scene, or any voice overs in the places appropriate. It also needs one final shot added onto the end of George running into the camera to set our cliff hanger. Once we have done this, all that is left to do is ad the titles and we will be well and truly finished and i could not be happier 🙂


Genre Change

Due to the discarding of the interrogation scene we have decided that a ‘psychological thriller’ does not really go with the urban setting and characters, so we have made our genre ‘action’ to fit in with the violence themes of our opening sequence idea and what we have filmed so far. The action genre usually follows a protagonist fighting their corner with a antagonist or in our opening sequence case, a group of antagonists.

Changes due to Feedback

After getting feedback from our teachers and fellow pupils,, we have decided that we should not include the interrogation scene in our opening sequence ‘BLACKOUT’ as it is not a scene we feel we need in the sequence to make it the best it can be.

The idea for the interrogation scene did not make sense when in the opening sequence whilst we were editing, as throughout the sequence George is the main character and we are not introduced to Viv at any point. Therefore by having him being interrogated in the opening sequence the whole story line narrative to to the film is confused.

We have decided as a unity to finish ‘BLACKOUT’ as a cliff hanger with George running into the camera which is followed by a blackout. This will leave the audience in suspense and intrigued as to what will happen next…


Music/Backing Track

For our opening sequence, we wanted to make a backing track that was original and unique to us as a group rather than just using a sound track that has already been heard, released or has a copyright to it.

We went about this several ways…

The first was researching into free music downloading sites that had sound effects, and sound tracks of all different kinds that ranged depending on how you refined your search. However this method came to a dead end when the websites we were using would not actually let you save the sound track.

We then went on to discover an app that George had on his iPad called ‘Launch Pad’. This app had different types of beats and tunes that you just tapped to make it start to com together. This was a really fun and easy way to make music, and you could also record what you made within the app rather than having to do it separately.

Here is the lay out of ‘Launch Pad’ with all the different sounds;

launch pad

Even though this app made making music easy, it still was not quite right for us and what we were looking for when it came to making the perfect sound track for ‘Blackout’.

So being the clever media students that we are, we used our brains and decided to use the free resources we were given at school and use the Macs which had ‘Garage Band’ installed on them. We then decided that would listen to a few sounds and see what they looked like together, and then Viv would put the final thing together as he also has ‘Garage Band’ on his mac at home so that way it could be finished in a day.

Here is a video of our final music sound track;