Evaluation Question 1: In what ways does your media production,use,develop or challenge form and conventions of real media products?

For our opening sequence we spent a great amount of time(probably more than we should of) planing and making sure our visual style is right. This is because a key part of a film is the visual style, and before anything can be filmed it is essential that the setting, characters, costume, genre and narrative are right as that is what makes a good film. All good directors have their own individual style and after doing so research I found an article written about 7 modern directors that have distinctive visual style, this means that it is important; http://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/7-modern-directors-and-their-distinctive-visual-styles.html/?a=viewall

Every film in the history of films has a setting. It can be anywhere from a school to a chocolate factory, but obviously the setting will change to be appropriate to the genre.For our setting, we used the facilities around us and as the genre of our film is urban/indie, what a better place to film then the streets of Peterborough to set the scene. As our film is set in the modern day, we have made sure that our setting allows the audience to understand that and by showing things like the lift and CCTV shows technology which is also an indicator.

Real media products have a title sequence, but depending on the producers of film, means the titles will always look different. The titles are there to inform the audience of the important people of the film, for example; whom the film stars, the director, the make-up artists etc. There are several different ways to present titles withing a film and here are three different examples;

The film ‘The Breakfast Club(1985)’ has a title sequence that is completely separate to the film:

The film ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo(2011)’ has a title sequence with its own short film which is related to the film but separate:

The film ‘Toy Story(1995)’ has the titles over the footage of the actual film:

For our Media product, my group and I decided it was best if we incorporate the titles into our footage by adding in the titles to show throughout they opening sequence just like in the ‘Toy Story’ title sequence.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.25.05 Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.23.08

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.21.34 Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.23.40

In order to show that our media product uses conventions of real media products, I have found come comparison shots to show similarities to popular films.

Here is a shot from ‘Captain America’ to compare with a shot from our opening sequence. In these specific shots, both the main characters are running away from the antagonist. In both shots, you see a lot of the setting and also in the background the reason they are running away.

Captain-America_-The-First-Avenger-Movie-Trailers-iTunes Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.07.31

Here is a shot from ‘The Hunger Games’ to compare with a shot from our opening sequence. In these specific shots, both the characters are watching over the protagonist, showing that they are superior. In both shots, you see the victim they are watching over, and only the back of the character to show a point of view.

President-Snow-watching-Katniss Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.06.14

The narrative of our film is about an 18 year old boy caught up on drugs, that eventually ends up with him getting into trouble. The sorts of films that also use a narrative like this are ones like ‘Kidulthood’,’Get Rich or Die Tryin’,’City of God’ and ‘Juice’. Our characters represent youngsters that are on the drugs scene, that could potentially be part of gangs and violence. When putting young adults in real life scary situations, the audience will feel compelled to not want to get into that sort of trouble, and as our target audience are around the same age as the main character, hopefully it will give them a feeling that keeps them away from giving into peer pressure etc.


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