Evaluation Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our opening sequence will feature five boys aged 17-19 that will play different roles of boys from different social groups. In the sequence The main character George plays a drug dealer/taker that is about 18. This is done through certain clothes that are high street fashion etc, as that is what teens tend to wear. The three coloured boys in the chase are around the same age as George however they are in a different social group so in order to make that clear they are wearing more casual clothes like track-suits and hats to make them more dangerous looking. By making all of our actors wear separate clothing their characteristics are not in any way similar allowing them to be seen as different social groups.

Here is George, he plays the main character. We used him as the main character, as he has quite a young face for his age and that is what we want in order for the audience to understand that he is 18, taking illegal drugs and wanted by some dangerous people.

IMG_2445  IMG_2446

We did not put make up on him as this would not look natural, however we made him wear clothes that are stereotypical to his age and his social class (middle). In the opening sequence it becomes clear that George is the protagonist and wants to be out of harms way. We targeted our audience by using George as the protagonist to reflect the audience and make them believe in adult situations and that sometimes, people are still young before they get dragged into trouble.

Here is Isaac, he plays the man watching the CCTV. We used him for this character, as he is a tall older more mature looking teenager that when dressed appropriately looks older then he actually is.

IMG_2379 IMG_2380

We also added no cosmetics to his face, however we set the scene by making him wear business attire and this allowed him to seem of high importance and of a higher social class compared to the other characters in the media product. Once we see that Isaac is watching George on CCTV, we start to wonder if he is after him, allowing the audience to see him as the antagonist in the piece. We targeted our audience through the office space and adult themes that drugs are real, and if they were to do it they could find themselves in this situation.

I do not have any pictures of our extras in our media, however we picked them specifically for our piece to set a stereotype that people tend to have about ethnic minorities being the ones to be involved in crime and violence. By having them chase George, and seem to be talking on the phone to Isaac, it allows the audience to think that the extras are of lower social class as they run around doing someone else’s dirty work. We targeted our audience through these actors to reflect on the multi-cultural world we live in.


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