Evaluation Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

When it comes to real media products, there are important steps taken to make a film get the numbers in the box office and this is all down to ‘Film Distribution’. Depending on the sort of film and who make it on what scale will determine what independent distribution company will be willing to buy the film and distribute it.

As my group has made an independent low budget film, that is far less extravagant then a hollywood film, there are only a few media institutions that distribute independent films. A few of these are Film 4, Vertigo Films and DNA Films. Media Distribution is a process that allows a film to be distributed and this is done through a distributing.

Here is a slideshare i made all about film distribution in the UK;

In our opening sequence, my group and I decided to make our own ident with its own logo to go with it, and this would be for our own distribution company that would essentially distribute our film for us. Coming up with a name for the ident was not too hard, as we wanted to keep it simple and short, so by putting the first letters of the boys names together in age order we got ‘VGI’ we then just added ‘Media’ on the end to make it sound legitimate.

Making the ident was a little more difficult as we could not decide on how to do it whether to draw it, or just make a gif. At first we made an ident on Adobe After Effects CS6 with lots of vibrant colours hat swirled around and then just the words in black writing . However after we changed our whole idea last minute we also decided to change the ident to something more simple yet effective.

We looked all the different well known distribution companies for inspiration;

distribution-companies-1-638 giphydisney

giphydream giphyfox

We then all decided to make gif that is short with our ‘VGI Media’ in it. We make it on adobe flash with a free template then went on a free gif making website and then we exported it as a file to be added into our opening sequence.


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