Evaluation Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Here is my preliminary task again;

Looking at my preliminary task, I can see that there was not much structure to it, and the editing was done quickly so it does not properly flow in some areas. However in it we did start with a good establishing shot that allowed us to show the audience the surroundings and set the scene for them. This is something i then tried to input withing my opening sequence as an establishing shot allows the audience to understand the relationship between any characters if there are multiple in the scene, and also what will follow on from the scene. To compare between the first establishing shot of the preliminary task and then a screenshot from my actual finished opening sequence. We can see that both shots allow the audience to see where the scene is set. My preliminary task is set at school and Emily is entering a classroom. Whereas in my opening sequence, we see the setting is a car park with a lift. However this shot is more focused and is slightly more zoomed in and closer to the actor as if the camera is following them. Also you can see that the camera placement is different, as in the preliminary task the camera was just a phone that would of been held chest height, whereas the camera in the opening sequence was held at eye level to almost give a point of view of the filmer. emilyharris unnamed

Another transition that is similar in my preliminary task to my opening sequence, is where the actor in one opens a door with their hand, and then in other the actor presses a lift button with their fingers. This shows in my preliminary task that the actor is going into the classroom and uses the handle to open the door. In my opening sequence, the actor presses the lift button with his fingers, symbolising that he will soon enter the lift. However it is clear to see that in my preliminary task, that the match on action was poorly framed and had nothing added to it to make it look better. emilyharris1 Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.15.48   Here is a video commentary of myself taking about weaknesses in my preliminary task that helped me make my opening sequence better;


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