Camera and Editing

To film my opening sequence, i will be using my own camera which is a Nikon Coolpix S8000, and looks like this;

camera 2camera 1

I love this camera, as the zoom and image quality is fantastic beings as it is such a small camera and does not have a massive lens. The flash works very well and over all i am happy to be using it. However the microphone is small and sometimes i accidentally cover it with my fingers when filming, so when filming the opening sequence, i will use a microphone that my school has, that is on a rod that will capture dialogue and sound effects more clearly.

To edit certain scenes if not all my opening sequence, i will use the Apple Macs at my school that have Final Cut Pro on them and i find that it is a really easy software to use, that is effective at the same time.

In the mean time, on my laptop at home, i downloaded a movie editing software called ‘Movavi Video Editing’ that was a free but only gave you a seven day trial. However i do not rate it highly as it makes your computer very slow, has a very complicated layout, and only allows you to do a certain amount on it without adverts popping up. Also, when you save something you have edited, the final piece has a water mark of the software, so i could not use it to edit my opening sequence as the water mark would ruin it.

editing 1


editing 2


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