As I am now working in a group, we have decided on our final idea.
It is a psyco-thriller with Viv playing the main character.

Our opening sequence is based on the opening sequence of ‘Lockout’ a film released in 2012, directed by James Mather and Stephen Saint Leger.

Here it is;

We were inspired by this opening sequence, as the interrogation if perfect for our idea of a abduction, and the way in which the titles are embedded into every punch to the face is a clever way to add them in discretely.

A break down of our story line;

1st Scene

  • Date appears in a scrambled effect
  • Introduced by white lighting
  • Main character is George in this scene
  • George and Viv walk down a dark alleyway through town (Setting: marketplace)
  • We talk about a blue powder and situation that has went wrong
  • Drops a bag on the floor (camera follows it) (slow motion)

2nd scene

  • Viv wakes up (blurry scene) in a chair in a dark but high lighting setting (Queensgate car park)
  • A dark figure comes through (face can’t be seen) and throws water at Viv’s face, hear a massive breathing noise
  • Screen goes black.

3rd scene

  • Picks up the bag
  • Looks around, George is gone, (trashcan falling sound)
  • Viv searches and shouts for George
  • Viv gets a text message from ‘Dad’
  • Gets in a taxi
  • Camera zooms into Viv’s closing ‘tired’ eyes
  • Screen goes black

4th Scene

  • (end of face being splashed with water)
  • Viv gasps
  • Gets a punch to the face (opening credits per punch)
  • *converse* and repeated punches (Isaac the interrogator)

Light flickers throughout the interrogation

5th scene

  • Scene goes black
  • Light comes on
  • Viv breaks the chair in anger
  • Throws the chair at the camera
  • Screen goes to the title sequence

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