My Ideas

Idea 1;

Setting; An old Tudor mansion called ‘Burghley House’ in Stamford, however i will not be filming inside the house, its more the grounds and the outside of the house itself that i am more interested in. It is a beautiful house, with lots of detail, with well looked after surroundings, however when the grounds are empty, and the daylight starts to fade, a certain terror starts to set in, and the house looks eerie and as though it holds a thousand and more ghostly stories.


Story Line; The house was originally built by the Tudors but many years later, a very rich man named ‘Dr Alfred Willard’ took it over. He claimed to treat people of things that in the early 1900s were seen as morally wrong to the public eye. For example, homosexuality. He would have them pay money to see him and ‘stay’ in the house to get better, however they were then treated as patients in an asylum(which is technically what it is). The patients are only allowed to bring with them a single suitcase of luggage, with their most sacred belongings, however they are never actually allowed them, and only recently when the house was bought by ‘Mrs Burghley’ were the suitcases discovered.

The film will pretend that Burghley house is abandoned, and it is referred to as ‘The Willard Asylum’ that is only visited for ghost tours and children looking for a scare on Halloween, as it was rumored that if in the pitch black, you look through a window, you can see certain treatments being performed on patients in the Asylum and how much they suffered.

Characters; (are still yet to be decided)I will ask a few members of the drama club, or those that take a level drama to film a few short clips in the auditorium, with a flashing light to resemble the flashes of electricity being emitted when someone gets treated by electroshock therapy.


  • I will need cardboard to make the electroshock therapy probes.
  • Make up to make the characters look ghost like,old and fragile.
  • Clothing, like robes that are meant to be white but are not, and instead are dirty and unsanitary.
  • Good outside spotting lamps or lights to allow my camera to actually capture some good shots rather than some dark fuzzy sequence.


  • There is actually a famous asylum in New York, called ‘The Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane’ and was open from the 1800s to 1995.
  • As i learnt all about the Asylum in GCSE Drama, i decided i would apply what i knew about the asylum and the story of the suitcase project, to this idea to create the background of it.

Idea 2;

Setting; At night in a forest or wood in either Stamford or my local area. I could use a public walk way near to my house that actually has lots of greenery, which would be prefect for the fighting scene.

Story Line; The passage way that leads to a darkened field, is very secluded due to the activities going on. There is a slave club that goes on in the field, where normal people off the street are captured to be slaves,that are then bid on by rich people to chose which ones they want to fight until the death. Once they are captured,they are stripped of their clothes and put in gym clothes, as they get the bids if they have a good body, and that can been seen through this,then  they are chained up outside were they can see their opponents that they will be fighting. They are kept strong by the food they are given, however this club is all about survival.

Characters; Once again i will ask either my friends or members of the drama club to be in this, however i will focus on one specific character to try and show their journey and how they survive.


  • Chains or rope to tie the actors up with
  • gym clothes as that is what they fight in
  • fake money
  • an attachable microphone
  • lighting

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