So today in our media lesson, we were allowed to go out and start practising filming some shots and testing out different angles and affects to then use in our final piece.

On my iPhone 6, we shot several different takes of sequences in slow motion. The videos were a punches to the face and to show the impact we made some of them close ups to focus on the hand reaching the face, then the face rippling to show the force and hardness of the punch.



We also tried some high angle shots where we recorded a practise for one of our scenes in our opening sequence. By standing on a table,we were able to see clearly that the victim was tied to a chair and blind folded.

The high angle allows us to capture the full body and some of the surroundings to help the audience determine what sort of situation the victim is in. Also the high angle shot represents that the villeins are higher in power than the victim,showing the audience how helpless the victim truly is.


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