Title Sequences

A title sequence is at the start of a film or television programme, that tells the viewers/audience who the characters and people playing them are, who produced the sequence, and help to set the scene for the audience, as if the genre of the film/TV programme is horror, you are not going to have the title sequence full of pretty butterflies in a meadow full of flowers and jolly upbeat music, as the audience will get confused as to what they are watching. According to the source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Title_sequence a title sequence is “A title sequence is the method by which films or television programs present their title, key production and cast members, or both, utilizing conceptual visuals and sound. It usually follows but should not be confused with the opening credits, which are generally nothing more than a series of superimposed text.”

With regards to title sequences, I could talk about so many as everything I have ever watched includes a title sequence, but I have picked a handful of my favourites to talk about.

American Horror Story(AHS) Series;

I picked the AHS stories, because I have been a fan of the show for a long time, and even though I have watched each series about three times, each title sequence just draws me in and makes me remember why I love it so much. Each title sequence varies every new series as the series story line changes and some new characters are added. The distinctive theme song is called ‘Score’ by James L Levine and is truly spine chilling when mixed with the creepy images of the title sequence. Here is the theme song:



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