Who am I?

My name is Emma, and this is my blog for my AS Media coursework. I have never studied media at school, and as i am an external student at Arthur Mellows, i am glad that the choice to get creative is there.

I have always been a huge fan of films,television programmes,and since i have been old enough, social media. Although i have watched a lot of films and researched into the ones that i really enjoy, i never fully understood all of the hard work that goes into them, and how they are produced before taking Media Studies as an A level (which might i add, i am thoroughly enjoying).

I created this blog to show you my journey of AS Media and how i hopefully progress through the year as you eventually see my final piece of coursework.


I am your typical seventeen year old girl, that loves to shop, slap on make up, gossip, eat junk food then complain that ive gained weight, boys, party, sleep, and then occasionally do some school work…

SO HERE I AM……i feel as though i should maybe label myself as a poser:)


ps, notice how my hair changes colour…


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