Rushes tryout

In lesson, we have been working on some ideas and put them to the camera to test whether our ideas would work and be successful.

To start with, we worked on the idea of the punch that would be used to introduce the titles in the opening sequence. This was done on my iphone 6 and we used the slow motion effect to capture the impact of the hit.

here it is;

This sequence was edited together through final cut pro on the mac books at school. As a group we chose the videos we wanted to be in the rush sequence and then used different effects to set the scene and make it believable.

What went well;

  • we were able to do a shot that showed the surroundings which is what we are wanting to do to show viv kidnapped
  • slow motion shots that would work with the titles coming just like the opening sequence of ‘LockOut’
  • work as a team to put the rushes we filmed together in a creative way

To improve;

  • use a better camera
  • take the sound out and add it in post production
  • use more techniques e.g. 180 degree rule or match on action

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